Just As THE-DREAM Steps out of his pearl Mercedes convertible before of the house he owns on a rushy corner heap within the toney Buckhead section of Atlanta, a white lunatic leaps from the shrubbery. He bounds toward the Grammy-winning, multi-platinum creative person with blank eyes and a toothed grin. The-Dream hardly looksdiscomposed because the maniac bears down on him. this might be as a result of this explicit lunatic's name is prizefighter, The-Dream's rather massive, slightly poofy Canis familiarisWorld Health Organization is clearly enjoying the fruits of his master's labor. As prizefighter discovers, apparently for the primary time, that the young holly trees lining the property don't truly stop him from gallivanting through the neighbor's yard, The-Dream steps out of 1 automotive to throw his golf clubs within the back of another, a husky vary Rover, conjointly in lustrous pearl.

Drake is on the Range's radio, however it absolutely was very little Richard within the Benz, with Dream singing on sky-high all the meansthere's a shaded slate pool within the groundsyet one more pearly lixury automotivewithin the driveway--a porsche for his personal assistant--and a bike within the two-car garage. however The-Dream's most telling acquisition is that the empty foundation within the adjacent heap. He recently bought the plot when a war of attrition with its previous owner (who conjointly oversubscribed The-Dream his house) that ultimately resulted in a half-price recession sale. The-Dream lief paid him in money and has plans for a second adjoined house for his growing family. The-Dream pays everybody in money. In fact, he incorporates a exhaustingtime explaining to potential sellers of things he desires to shop for tha he does not have dangerous credit, he simply does not have sensible credit as a result of he ne'er pays for all the world he cannot pay money for fully. Everything you see around The-Dream, or hear him on for that matter, The-Dream owns, that is surprising once you contemplate the implications.

But The-dream isn't bourgeois. the maximum amount as he has, not abundant of it looks that necessary to him. His tastes area unit costly however not extravagant, and he is as invested with in giving to others as he's himself. Over the course of a couple of days he makes multiple generous offers to multiple individualsonce a manager compliments his Nikes, Dream offers to drive to the outlet mall outside of Atlanta to shop for a try for everybodywithin the areaas a result of as he says, "I need dear imports is opened, he offers one to anyone around. And once the web site of the FL resort Dream stays at once operating in miami makes my pupils dilate, he offers to pay money for my vacation, speech "If I resolve you went down there and did not let American state pay money for it, i am progressing to be extremely upset."

As nice because it to be offered lavish gifts, this can be not what makes Dream sensible to be around. he is one among the funnier individuals you may ever meet, perpetually punchlining conversations and lightening work with mild ribbing. One night, as Dream works on many once in his studio, his assistant delivers atiny low cup of lime frappe at his request. He thanks her and so goes on a five-minute rant regarding the miracle of sugar whereas spooning it up. The banter together with his studio engineer Pat Thrall--a double for The Eqagle's Joe Walsh--is therefore ridiculous it virtually looks rehearsed. and through our photoshoot, he points out that the explanation his slim tee shirt appearance additional slim is as a result of "there's a bit of cake out there for each hit I've created." That is, no offense of Dream's physique, heaps of cake.


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