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Maintain weight after slimming
Easy and important tips to keep weight after slimming
The process of stabilizing your weight after the end of dieting is very important and no less important than the process of weight loss itself, you must maintain your weight and fitness after you finish dieting and tired diets.
This is a set of tips to keep your weight and weight for a long time after you finish dieting:
1 - Do not add sugar to juices or drinks and if you have to use sugar, you can use sugar diet or Diet Sweet.
2 - Add the vegetables in the manner of ni-ni and avoid the spice and frying and use non-saturated vegetable oils in the preparation of food.
3 - Weight yourself once a week at least on the same balance and the same clothes and watch your weight always and do not forget only to follow the advice and will not increase your weight, God willing.
4 - Always take the fruit, vegetables and milk skimmed fish and try not to eat fatty foods a lot.
5 - lamb meat from the most high meat in calories so you should warn these fats and replace them with fish because the thermal calories are few and also contains phosphorus very useful to the human body.
6 - a lot of eating vegetables dry and fresh because they are rich in fibers that facilitate disposal of the body deposits.
7 - Do not eat many types of food in one meal and tried to eat each type of food separately when eating, which do not eat starchy food with protein food at the same time and do not combine two types of protein food with each other as eggs, meat and meat to eat once again One day and of course you can eat fresh fruit and vegetables between meals if you feel hungry.
8 - Try to separate the sweets or fruits and main meals three hours or more so that the body has digested well what is handled in the main meal so that it can digest fruit or sweets.
9 - Maintain the number of daily meals and are three meals and meet specific times a day to eat and do not increase three meals a day. Studies have shown that the stability of dates of meals are the most important reasons for the fitness of the body and helps to control weight because eating a lot of meals makes the body stored in the form of fat for consumption in time of need, which earns extra weight for the need of automatic.
10 - Know how much calories you give us each food so you can know the calories your body needs exactly and do not increase them because the extra calories the body stores in the form of fat and that leads to obesity again and to know that the man needs more calories Of women and adolescent girls need more calories than the mother.
11 - Sauce and ketchup they are necessary first they cause the opening of the appetite and eat more food and the second they are in themselves with high calories try to minimize them as much as possible.
12 - Fast food contains a large amount of calories are avoided because they cause weight gain.
13 - Research shows that eating while watching TV makes you eat more than you usually eat, because you lose the feeling of satiety watching TV and you consume more food.
14 - Do not shop and you are hungry because it will make you choose to eat food because of hunger try to shop after eating any meal to eat more calories.
15 - The diversity of healthy foods is a guaranteed way to maintain weight after dieting does not mean depriving myself of the foods you like, but to organize your food for those foods and not to eat in a day, such as news and rice, for example, or eat more than one type of carbohydrates in one day She also made sure that Enkner did not eat some kind of intense food at every meal.
16 - It is very important not to mix the phantom with carbohydrates to ensure that the body is not absorbed and converted to fat and take care of the power, which contains fibers that reduce the absorption of the body of these fats.
17 - Drink a large glass of water before the meal directly to fill a part of the stomach and thus feel full quickly and after eating a small amount of food and make sure not to eat water during eating because this leads to the emergence of rumen and drink a quantity of water not less For a liter of water during the day, in order to maintain the vitality of the body and to shine.
18 - Stop eating full-fat yogurt and take skimmed milk and also bread asmar during breakfast.
19. Walk at least one hour a day, divided into two half-hour periods, for example, one and a half hours in the evening
20 - Whenever you lose weight to wear clothes of previous sizes, but you change them to a lesser size clothes always reminds you of any increase in weight


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