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Maintain healthy weight, tips to maintain weight,

Maintain weight after slimming Easy and important tips to keep weight after slimming The process of stabilizing your weight after the end of dieting is very important and no less important than the process of weight loss itself, you must maintain your weight and fitness after you finish dieting and tired diets. This is a set of tips to keep your weight and weight for a long time after you finish dieting: 1 - Do not add sugar to juices or drinks and if you have to use sugar, you can use sugar diet or Diet Sweet. 2 - Add the vegetables in the manner of ni-ni and avoid the spice and frying and use non-saturated vegetable oils in the preparation of food. 3 - Weight yourself once a week at least on the same balance and the same clothes and watch your weight always and do not forget only to follow the advice and will not increase your weight, God willing. 4 - Always take the fruit, vegetables and milk skimmed fish and try not to eat fatty foods a lot. 5 - lamb meat from the most high meat in