Without surgical intervention, this disease can only be eliminated if it is determined in a timely manner.

Conservative treatments
Without surgical intervention, this disease can only be eliminated if it is determined in a timely manner. First, the affected area must be paralyzed. This will allow the ligaments to heal faster. A fixed subscriber for two weeks.

Of drugs that are commonly prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and hormonal medications. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used in the form of injections, tablets and ointments for local treatment. It allows to stop pain and stop the progression of inflammation. Among the products of this group, the most effective are: ibuprofen, pyroxicam, tulmetine.

Hormonal medications help relieve swelling and eliminate inflammation. Among a variety of drugs in this group, hydrocortisone deserves special attention. This medicine is injected directly into the affected area.

What provides an additional treatment for arthritis? The use of physiotherapy procedures has a beneficial effect on the patient's condition. Applications of paraffin, phonophoresis, the most commonly used ucrocite are used. Massage is not recommended for this disease, because exposure to affected areas can only aggravate inflammation.

Surgical intervention
If the elongated ligament can not be cured by conservative means, the doctor decides to perform the procedure. Rarely causes complications, but it removes unpleasant symptoms. In this disease, a procedure called a lumbarectomy is recommended. It is of two kinds.

A special way. During the operation, the doctor performs a small hole through which the ring ligament is cut at the site of unification. The wound is then treated with an antiseptic solution and bandages. The procedure does not take more than 20 minutes and involves the use of local anesthesia.
Open method The doctor makes a small incision in the palm of the hand, through which the ligament gets inflamed in the shape of a ring. Then explain it. The wounds are sewn, and the brush itself is fixed using a cast. After about two weeks, all cosmetic blemishes are eliminated.
Surgical intervention is possible even in young patients who suffer from inflammation of the narrowing ligament. The process allows you to eliminate diseases in a day. After that, natural therapy is recommended in combination with physical therapy exercises.


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