Tips for a better and happier life

You must be keen on something essential and important in your life is to do everything in your power in any challenge or problem you face to satisfy yourself and your conscience and immediately after the end do not think too much in the end result because it is from God, whether the fate has written success or failure, The wisdom of our perception as human is limited to its realization but we will discover it over time.

2 - expand your perception
At any time and under any circumstances, you must have the ability to learn from the situations, problems and mistakes that occur in them. You must also understand what the older and more experienced person tells you. But of course this does not mean that you follow them in everything because everyone has their own circumstances.
3 - Revitalize your spirit
You must renew your spirit and refresh it regularly and regularly. This will only happen by praying honestly and maintaining it and not being considered a duty but a refuge for you at all times. You can not overlook the role of getting as much as you can of alms of all kinds and according to your ability, it pays you a lot of scourge and worries.
4. Be tolerant
Tolerance is something that many people do not reach but the heart is a source of happiness, psychological comfort and peace of mind which makes you more focused on the things of your life and more productive and productive in your work and your social life.
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5. Do not give up moments of failure
Surely we have all been besieged by the problems and the difficult times when we have lost many things and have made despair and frustration creep into our hearts, but the ability to stand up again after problems is the way to change everything so you do not receive and know that there is always another chance for everything.
6. Take care of your time
It means that there is no time for emptiness Do not let yourself be bored and lazy If you have large times of the vacuum Join a charity as a volunteer because this area makes you see stories and coexistence positions will sharpen your personality and change your view of life in a way that makes you more wise and calm and satisfied without a doubt.
. Be cam
Being a peaceful and peaceful person does not mean leaving your rights, but you do not act on small things. You do not have time to get headaches or distress because of the fight with those around you. You are better than that and at the same time you can take your rights with all the respect and respect.
8. Self-confidence
The most important things you must have are self-confidence above all and knowing the limits of your abilities and abilities without exaggeration or reduction, this allows you permanent success in determining your steps in the life of work and social and how to choose things that you trust your success and complete it to the fullest.


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