The environment is all that surrounds man from assets

The environment is all that surrounds man from assets, from water and air, living beings, and mules, the field in which man exercises his life and his various activities and the environment, a balanced system made by a great creator and a wise master, made by God who mastered everything but the hand of man came to tamper with Beautiful in the environment, threatening green and land, it was the devastating ghost, but the pollution that hit most of the elements of the environment
If hand in hand we all work to clean our environment.
The consumption of substances that produce polluting waste should be minimized.
Leave the place as you like it if you see it.
The cleanliness is happy and be patient and thank you Vhzrha it, young, careful print well remain healthy and safe and the disease will be removed.
Hygiene protects humans from damage and disease.
Let the place be cleaner than your place indicates the cleanliness of the road to harm the road charity place secret address, so clean your address.
That the cleanliness of faith be a student full of faith and perfection to God Almighty to maintain cleanliness.
The preservation of the walls and walls of the school from the writing of shyness and the function of underdevelopment and clean neighborhood is evidence of the strength of good belonging to this country giving.
Maintaining the cleanliness of the environment and its natural resources is an important element of good health and the title of the conscious society.
A clean and healthy environment means a happy and caring life.
Feel the environment in maintaining its cleanliness and safety.
The need to keep the environment resources intact without any pollution for a healthy and happy life.
The keenness of Islam and urging the human being to maintain his cleanliness and cleanliness of the environment in which he lives.
Maintaining a clean environment is a measure of the progress and progress of nations and a guide to their civilization.
Be clean, orderly, and a happy happy host.
Cleanliness as usual is all happiness.
Leave the place as you like if it leaves you.
Pollution affects the environment negatively, and makes it unable to supply the human to what he wants in the future.
Every human being has the right to live in a clean and complete environment.
Human beings should preserve the environment, which is the most important thing in this country.
Keep the environment, keep you.
Our environment must be kept clean.
Do not kill the environment to kill you.
Pollution is harmful to all living things and must meet all countries of the world to fight it.
I will work on environmental cleanliness and community protection.
We have to spread health awareness among people, and to alert our children to the preservation of the environment. This is a national duty.
In love among people there is interdependence, cooperation in the sense of the word, cooperation in the interest of all, and works to stop pollution.
Good relationship with the environment for a good, clean and continuous environment in human life.
We must get rid of the symptoms of environmental pollution.
He fought the sources of pollution in various ways.
Pollution may cause uncontrollable diseases.
A good human relationship with animals and trees guarantees us a good environmental life.
Think about the future to keep the environment.
Cleanliness is an important demand that everyone wants because it is our Islamic religion that urges cleanness and purity in everything and makes it a basic condition in many acts of worship, including prayer, and we find that the negligence of cleanliness causes many serious diseases such as malaria and cholera, which spread due to dirt and stagnant water in swamps. Death in many cases The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that harming the road is charity. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): "O children of Adam, take your adornment at every mosque and eat and drink and do not be distracted." This is a commandment from God to the people to purify themselves that they take adornment at every mosque. Title Muslim is a basic element in the life of the individual and society and the cleanliness of the neighborhood, school, housing and public parks. It is a duty of all Muslims. Allaah says (Allaah loves those who repent and purify themselves). Cleanliness is not only personal cleanliness, but includes the cleanliness of the body, the school and the home. To clean it to enjoy it as created by God.
Sporadic communities can not protect the environment.
Pollution affects the environment negatively, and makes it unable to supply the human to what he wants in the future.
Maintaining the environment is one of the most difficult.
Every human being has the right to live in a clean and complete environment.
War destroys life, causing pollution of the environment.


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