Start the day with something warm and nutritious

Start the day with something warm and nutritious

Make sure you start the day by drinking a warm drink, often hot water with mint or lemon, because they help the body keep its internal temperature, help the blood flow as it should and help the body's organs to function properly.

Physical activity

Do not let rain stop your physical activity routine and exercise. Make sure you go out for running when the weather allows you to do it, but not available. Try to activate the body in any way possible: go to exercise in the fitness clubs, get up and down the stairs, extend the body well after working hours in the office and try to stay on your feet as much as possible. Keep standing in the chair every hour, move the body well, to allow the blood to flow and the muscles to relax and refrain from jumping and freezing. The body that moves is a healthy body, the digestive system is a healthy device, and these are very useful in maintaining weight.

Drink more fluids

The body contains 70% of the water, so even the feeling that we need a little water, or not much thirst, the reality is that the amount of water necessary for us in the winter is equivalent to the amount we need in the summer.

You can of course drink hot water with mint or lemon, cumin or any other spices you like, but do not be tempted to desalinate water with sugar or honey - this is not a coffee break, this is the process of supplying the body with fluids without calories.

Incorporate the main food elements into meals

The characteristic of the winter is the somewhat distressing mood, many attribute it to their lack of love for the rain, staying at home, the cold - but there is a key factor to that - the decrease in hours of light causes a decrease in the proportion of serotonin in the brain that directly affects our feeling.

Are you looking for the cause of increased obesity in the winter? The reason is not the gloom of winter, but "staple foods" - do you know the term? Hot white bread, chocolate of course and all kinds of cooks - all these are characterized by summer - these are simple carbohydrates and provide the body with available energy and immediate and also increase the proportion of serotonin and feeling good.

Eat whole rice, whole corn, whole wheat bread, brown-root vegetables that warm the body and also be equally effective without causing damage to the texture, which is better carbohydrate.

Protein is a very important and essential part of nutrition in the winter, because of its contribution to building the store of antibiotics necessary for the immune system, which is fighting all the time with external objects - the consumption of various proteins that include fat-free meat, tuna, cheese, tahini or beans are important in every meal, Along with carbohydrates and vegetables.

Wear appropriate clothing

When our bodies cool, they are looking for a way to balance the internal temperature, and what to do if the body is cold from the outside and inside? When we are not aware of the body's basic need for warmth, the intention is always to extend a hand to pick up a cake from the jar, a scented cake in the office or anything else - even if the body never feels hungry.

Always wear clothes suitable for your daily program - the "onion fashion" clothing, in layers, where clothes can be worn and taken off in accordance with weather conditions or adjusted temperature in an air-conditioned space is the best way to maintain body temperature balance and the nature of clothing throughout the season.


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