Pain at the top of the foot


When you return home, do not rush to do your homework, and give your feet comfort. Take off your shoes and your legs until your skin is breathing, relax, put your feet above your body.
When bathing or bathing, massage your feet, wash the medium hardness with a towel. Dry with a towel, rub in the skin moisturizer.
To avoid natoptysh from abroad and Stub, in the evening, Rub Al Ghurair fat in them, put on woolen socks so absorbed, do not remove the woolen socks.
In the spring and summer, try barefoot walking in the morning dew. This is the best way to soothe the insole and fight the fungus.
It is useful to make compresses of herbal products. After making a decoction, soak cotton or linen cloth, wrap in the style of footcloths, and wrap with a cloth or bag oil on top, and hold for 15-20 minutes. Repeat the procedure preferably 1-2 times a week.
Foot introduction is prone to fungal infections. 1-2 times a week in the inside of the toe of the shoe with antifungal spray.
Often, pain when moving causes skin cracking of the sole. To avoid unpleasant syndrome, daily before bed rubbed moisturizer or cream the baby at the inside of the foot.
Pain and discomfort in the feet bother a lot. Oftentimes, lovers of narrow and uncomfortable shoes face this because of injury or neurological malformations. However, if you hurt your feet, the cause may be more serious. Often, this sign refers to the composition of the body's pathological processes requiring immediate intervention.

Cause of burning and pain in the feet
As a general rule, a burning sensation occurs when the limb is damaged by the urethra. The disease is the most powerful sex characteristics. At the same time, there is redness in the limbs and burning pain in response to the heat or forced placement of the legs. In this case, the affected area becomes red.

This phenomenon may accompany high blood pressure, thrombocytopenia, polyctemia, and leukemia. In addition, erythromelalgia can develop as an independent disease. No specific reason was specified for its configuration.

Neurodegenerative diseases of the foot often occur with pain and burning. These are neuropathy or benign formation of nerve fibers, called neural tumors. It causes burning pain, numbness and chills. As a rule, they affect 3 and 4 fingers.

The main factor that arouses discomfort and pain in the legs, wearing the wrong shoes. This problem is most common for females, who wear fashionable tight shoes with high heels. With these shoes wearing down, the foot begins to deform over time, which not only leads to problems in the limbs, but also to spinal diseases.

The reason that your feet hurt you in the morning


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