Medical Tips Preventing the sun stroke

Prevention of sun stroke
The sun stroke is rare and at the same time dangerous. In no case should it be underestimated. It should be classified as a serious condition requiring rapid treatment, although its effect varies from person to person. The longer, surrounding circumstances play a major importance in it.
Stroke is more serious in children than in adults. As well as children, elderly and sick people who are temporarily or permanently weakened for any reason. And increases the risk of sun exposure and injury to the atmosphere saturated with moisture, the higher the humidity and increased temperature, the greater the likelihood of infection. The hot and humid atmosphere leads to the failure of the human race to cool the body because the centers stop the regulation of the brain in the brain and temporarily, and thus increase the body temperature to 40 degrees Celsius or more, which requires rapid medical treatment to avoid complications that may lead to death.
General Tips
Drink water for 24 hours in large quantities.
Eat salad daily, cucumber, tomatoes, leafy vegetables, carrots and water-rich fruits.
When leaving, wear light white or light cotton clothing and avoid wearing any clothing made from synthetic yarns including socks.
Do not walk directly in the sun during the period from 10 am to 4 pm In the event of a need to wear a hat or the like on the head.
The need to shower with cold water and not lukewarm, with the need to dry the body constantly especially the places of the folds, such as the bottom of the armpit and the other between the toes and preferably with a bath and not a cloth towel.
Girls and women are advised not to put cosmetics or perfume on the skin and go out in the morning, with good ventilation, especially for young children, drinking water in large quantities and wearing light clothes and cotton. It is also recommended that children should not wear industrial diapers and replace them with cotton tarpaulins, especially inside the home.
In general, sunburn can be prevented by avoiding working under direct sunlight, especially in hot weather, as well as indoor ventilation, in addition to compensating the body for fluids lost by heat. Avoid eating heavy meals, in addition to covering the head so as not to directly expose to the heat of the sun.
Finally, it must be emphasized once again that children and the elderly are most affected by the sun stroke
This should be taken into account when treating patients, as well as taking care to protect them.
Treat the sun stroke
The most important factor in the treatment is the direct cooling of the body (work on a high temperature drop to normal) and transfer to the hospital. The best way to cool the body is to get dressed and put the patient into a wet cap with water, as well as put the fan close to the patient. When the patient arrives at the hospital, venous fluids are given and the various symptoms are treated quickly, but the body temperature must not be considered normal.
It is known that the patient's temperature may not settle for a long time is sometimes estimated in weeks, despite recovery from the sun stroke.
It is known that neglecting the patient and not properly treated may lead to brain damage or even death.
A distinction must be made between the sun stroke and the heat exhaustion that affects humans as a result of exposure to hot weather and unusual for him, leading to a shortage of water and salts in the body, and the symptoms that are milder than the symptoms of sun stroke, although some of them similar to those symptoms.


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