If the child's foot is damaged Children suffer at least from foot pain

If the child's foot is damaged
Children suffer at least from foot pain. In this case, you can talk about causes such as: injury (bruising, twisting, fracture); the presence of bone disease. Arthritis and arthritis. If the foot pain can be one of the symptoms of heart disease - vascular system. Insufficient content in the body of vitamins and minerals. Poisoning on the background of a viral disease. If the pain occurs as a result of systematic stress, strong feelings, fatigue.

How to prevent the development of foot diseases?
Prevention - The best treatment, which helps to prevent any diseases in the area of ​​the feet, as well as in another area of ​​the body.

Prevention means include:

The cleanliness of the limbs and the whole body.
Take into account optimal loads for Parties.
Performance of physical education.
Wearing appropriate shoes.
Restrict walking in high heel shoes.
Warm up exercise for the parties with staying for a long time in the same position and before exercising.
Walking barefoot on an uneven surface is very helpful.
The most important rule of prevention is that you do not have to go to a doctor if you have the first symptoms of the disease. Otherwise, you can cause complications, even death.

Legs are necessary. Human body and feet - important components of the legs. The foot has a load when moving. It happens, note - the upper part of the foot hurts, but it is difficult to understand where the pain came from. Heavy physical exertion was not, injuries also.

Causes of foot pain


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