I know a lot of the consequences of long term work on the computer

I know a lot of the consequences of long-term work on the computer: decreased visual acuity, cervical infarction, nerve pain, chest muscle, tingling in the fingers, numbness, pain in the joints of the fingers and elbows caused by static fixed load when working with the mouse. It has long been no secret that these symptoms are familiar not only among adults and very young. Note disease can be added to this list.
Occupation needle: knitting, embroidery, decoration, which sometimes becomes a specialized revenue and income, can cause illness.
Finger injuries, completely harmless, on the basis of which the development of degenerative changes in the joints and ligaments may be the cause of the disease.
Which is affected by the disease of thumb - Knott's disease
Most often, such a diagnosis is for children aged 1 to 3 years. The cause of the disease is the uneven growth of the tendon and the fingers of the baby ligament, when the growth of some organs exceeds the growth of others, this makes it impossible to bend the finger. Therapeutic treatment is often ineffective. As a general rule, pediatric surgery is performed on the fingers.
I would say that in all cases, processes and positive results without consequences, without setbacks and good endurance by children. Some unsuccessful cases, which would be writing to the network of young mothers, carefully browsing the content on the subject, are not met. So there is no reason to worry mothers - to decide on the process safely to restore your child's Palchikov movement.

In adults, the disease occurs less frequently, often in women aged 45-55 years during the period of hormonal changes in the body, against arthroidnyh arthritis disease.
The disease may occur in people who are exposed to a constant constant load on the muscles and ligaments of the hand, with constant tension in the wrist, with an uncomfortable position of the hands while working on the keyboard and mouse. Such work leads to the numbness of the fingers and the hand itself, the stagnation of blood flow and the development of inflammation in the hinge-ligament system.
The history of my case ligamentita thumb
I had a disease on my right thumb. It all started nearly two years ago, at the end of August 2015, diving uselessly into the sea (it's a powerful word, so I would say softer: jump from the bridge to the water, grabbed my left thumb on the edge and felt a sharp pain. .

7-10 days dull pain remember itself, which helped the anti-inflammatory ointment, the type of home scrub, after a while the pain began to slowly disappear.

What was my surprise after one month began to pain in the finger grow again, to become day after day, everything is stronger. These ointments, massages, massages, and even the "Mag" did not help any more. The treatment of daily life based on a pulsed magnetic field did not provide comfort.

I did not say I was suffering, but when I was doing my homework, I pressed my clothes and clothes. I had to make my fingers, especially when I was working and typing on my computer. The pain always reminded me of myself.

One morning, I was surprised that I could not bend the thumb, would not bend, and effortlessly would disappear with a single click. Here is unheard of effect). The path to the surgeon had to be forced. Although I do not like medical institutions.

The doctor who was diagnosed immediately, the doctor at the address, described this treatment:


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