How to Treat Notot Disease at Home

I still continued to take chondroprotectors for about a month. Then I inadvertently watched Malesheva's "Healthy Living" program, which categorically stated that these preparations were useless. On the same day I gave up the reception. I think this is good. I can lose time, although there are people who have noticed an improvement in the performance of their joints, so I will not reject the use of syndromes. I have my own case of a slightly different plan.

I went to folk therapy advice, rather homemade. Here are the main ways that you helped me treat myocarditis in the thumb.

Well helped the cooked alcohol tincture at home. At night, mix it with the melted butter in equal proportions and rub it in the area of ​​the thumb joints. Nothing bandages. The number of sessions - a lot, is done every evening, more than a month
In the morning, I rubbed the undigested soul dye of the maclura into the joint.
Every evening for 10 days warm paraffin wax. Paraffin is sold freely in any pharmacy. He heated it in a water bath to a warm temperature of + 40-50 degrees, and cut its hand to a warm mass, took it out and wrapped it in polyethylene. Brush improved for 20 minutes. Improve the condition immediately after operation, finger almost immediately without pain. Some time after the operation, cooling, passed the feelings of improvement. However, the effect of paraffin wax applications was noticeable immediately.
Massage movements in the area of ​​the joints of the finger several times a day, especially in the morning, as they wake up. At the same time, the finger is no longer moving immediately. Elasticity began to return somewhere after a month of classroom. The exercise complex is very simple:
Rotational movements of the thumb.
Deviations on the sides: to the right, the outside;
Build your fingers like this ladder:


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