How do you get rid of nervous tension?

Difficult living conditions lead to a large part of you living, a state of intense psychological stress, also known as nervous tension. This situation, full of the pessimistic and somber outlook of life, can lead you to the desire to end your life and suicide if you do not treat it in the right way and at the right time.


Symptoms of nervous tension


Inability to concentrate


Negative thoughts and control over the brain, in other words, cause distraction. A person with nervous stress is prone to many conflicting ideas that can prevent him from using all his mental and intellectual powers to acquire and preserve new information.


Influence on appetite


Among the signs of nervous tension, the person suffering from this situation of sudden and radical changes in appetite. For example, he may lose his appetite completely, or he may suffer from excessive appetite causing obesity because his brain works to secret the hormones of happiness when eating.




Nervous tension is one of the factors causing insomnia because of the amount of cortisol produced by the body, which prevents the relaxation of nerves before sleep.


Treatment of nervous tension




It is important to note the symptoms that have already been mentioned. It is necessary to consult a psychiatrist and undergo cognitive behavioral therapy that identifies the causes of the problem and teaches ways of dealing with the surrounding conditions.


Playing sports


Regular exercise, light and moderate, can greatly help to treat nervous tension. Sports promotes self-confidence, increases the brain's secretion of hormones of happiness, and limits the stress hormone that lies behind nervous stress.


Avoid stress triggers


To get rid of tension, it is important to identify the causes of tension and therefore avoid the things that cause it. For example, if the relationship with some of the surrounding people causes stress, it is necessary to avoid talking to them or meeting them.


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