Help Traditional Medicine

Help Traditional Medicine
In some cases, conservative treatment of the disease can be supplemented with prescriptions of alternative medicine. However, you should first consult with your doctor. What treatments are recommended by folk healers?

The ligament rupture of the finger is characterized by a certain localization, so it can be well treated with compresses and lotions. For example, you can make medicine using potatoes. The raw tuber must be crushed on the grater, slightly shrinking. The resulting porridge must be attached to the joint, then covered with a gauze of gauze. It should be changed several times a day.

It also helps with dry heat disease. You can heat a large sea salt in a traditional skillet. Then you need to put them in a canvas bag or a scarf and a wrap. The resulting agent should be applied to the affected area until the salt is cooled.

These prescriptions are most effective, according to patients with a diagnosis of strep throat inflammation. Treatment is not recommended only in this way and without the use of surgical procedures. In this case, to avoid negative consequences will not work.

If the patient immediately goes to the doctor and receives the prescribed treatment, the diagnosis is appropriate. Hand functions and ability to work fully restored.

When complications arise in the treatment process, the patient is expected to have unpleasant consequences. It should be noted that after surgery, the percentage of recurrence is much lower compared to conservative treatment. Therefore, today many doctors prefer to perform surgical intervention immediately. The only exception is cases of illness among young patients.

Preventive measures
Any disease is easier to prevent, rather than involved in treatment. This is also true for such a problem as "finger" or inflammation of the ligament. Prevention of diseases consists in the elimination of slit in the area of ​​joints and ligaments and tendons. If pregnancy is inevitable, it must be seductive, and at work to take breaks.

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Notot disease, or maratitis, or finger syndrome - tendon disease - a brush device is torn in ligaments, accompanied by pain in the flexion and extension of the fingers or one of them, and sometimes a complete inability to straighten them. The thumb in the extension is spread over, hence the name of the disease. In the future, it is possible to prevent the movement of the finger completely. Disease in adults usually occurs when arthritis, arthritis is present in the joints or tendons.

Causes of disease "finger bite syndrome"


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