Exercising heavily:

Where exercise can help burn excess calories and increase metabolism, thus contributing to energy balance. That is, the body burns calories as much as it does, which increases the likelihood of weight stability. Many studies have indicated that people who exercise Sports for half an hour a day after losing weight is more likely to maintain weight than others, and in some cases may require a person to a higher level of exercise may be up to an hour a day, on the other hand, it is recommended to exercise weight lifting at least twice a week; Blocks Muscle mass, thus maintaining weight.
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Drinking plenty of water: Drinking water helps increase the feeling of satiety, which helps to control the amount of calories consumed, if eaten before meals. In addition, the number of calories burned by the body during the day may increase slightly.
Obtaining enough sleep: Lack of sleep is a major risk factor for gaining weight, and can also interfere with weight retention. Part of this effect is that people who do not sleep enough hours often have high levels of ghrelin : Ghrelin), known as the hormone hunger because it increases appetite, and they have low levels of leptin (Leptin); an important hormone for the process of appetite control, in addition to these people usually feel tired, so less desire to exercise, Eating healthy foods, and for that It is important to sleep for at least seven hours a day to maintain weight and health.
Stress relieving: Stress can be associated with weight loss after losing it by increasing levels of cortisol, which is produced in response to stress. The persistence of this hormone is associated with increased abdominal fat, increased appetite and eating, One of the common triggers of impulsive eating. There are several ways to reduce stress, such as yoga, exercise, and meditation.
Protein: Protein can help increase the levels of certain hormones responsible for satiety. It also reduces the levels of hormones that increase the feeling of hunger, which helps reduce the number of calories consumed per day, thus maintaining weight, and may increase the burning Calories in the body when taken regularly, and it is worth noting that it is recommended to monitor the types and quantities of carbohydrates consumed; the intake of large amounts of refined carbohydrates can hinder
The process of maintaining weight.
Many vegetables have been linked to eating large quantities of vegetables while maintaining weight. They are low in calories and high in dietary fiber content, so it is recommended to take two to two servings per meal.
Staying with the system throughout the week: A commitment to healthy food throughout the week and even on holidays helps maintain weight. Eating unhealthy foods over the weekend may become a permanent habit, hampering efforts to maintain weight.
Learn more about health: where you can take courses related to healthy cooking, and attend health seminars.
Regular weight measurement: Weight is recommended once a week. Studies have shown that regular measurement is a practice that is associated with people who have managed to maintain their weight.
Review your healthcare professional regularly: A health care provider or dietitian can assess your body mass index and check your fat intake to see if it is within your normal level and to determine which health problem you may get.


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