Definition of environmental protection

Human rights in this life is based on the management of the resources of this land and the protection of property, and work on the reconstruction, and benefit from the outputs. This relationship between human and environment around him to ensure the benefit of the resources of this environment and sustainability, this environment, including the manifestations of natural mountains and forests including Including water and vegetation, as well as water resources such as seas, oceans and rivers, including marine resources such as fish, as well as animal wealth on this land, are all elements of the environment that a person should maintain.

The conservation of the environment through the exploitation of these components to achieve the desired purpose of the sustainability of components of the ecosystem, yes this environment has a system called the English system (echo system), which examines the relationship between all these elements. The preservation of the environment through the application of strict laws against those who misuse these elements, examples of aggression on the environment and its components
1- Attacking forests, trees and plants, and so-called forest wealth through logging or arson, either intentionally or unintentionally, as well as overgrazing in these plant reserves, which leads to the loss of this green plant wealth gradually. The environment to stay away from such misguided behaviors that harm this green wealth.
2 - Assault on the water wealth, including the resources and wealth of fish by dumping toxic wastes, especially petroleum, as well as plastic waste and food waste, and any kind of abuse in this nature of water, which in turn to disrupt this water balance and purity and purity as a source of water, The organisms that live in this aquatic environment are damaged as a result of these toxic and hazardous wastes, so maintaining this aquatic environment avoids such misconduct and negative consequences.

3 - Assault on the civilized environment represented by the manifestations of civil life, such as streets inside or outside cities and public roads, residential buildings and beautiful civil construction, where this attack by throwing waste in the streets, or while driving cars, as well as contribute to environmental pollution through exhaust Cars and smoke rising from factories, all involved in the imbalance of the environment, which may have brought about a change in the upper atmosphere as in the ozone layer, and the issue of global warming, which refers primarily to irresponsible and unorganized human activity, and The fact that preservation of the environment to keep away from these unethical activities towards the environment in all its elements, especially cleanliness of the environment, RECALLING modern Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (removing something harmful from the way of charity).

Definition of environmental protection

The environment in general is all that exists in nature and which are formed together to form a living space on earth such as soil, water, air and living beings on the planet, and the protection of the environment has emerged widely as a result of the fears of the planet of the dangers and problems on the environment These concerns include global warming, which is one of the biggest environmental problems facing the planet and which changes the Earth's climate, which greatly affects the organisms in which they live. This environmental protection is based on reducing environmental pollution. Protecting the environment is one that can not be neglected and neglected. It starts from the individual himself until the larger groups reach the companies, institutions, factories and governments that everyone has to preserve the environment, even if things that some think as trivial as throwing paper and waste in the streets and parks until you reach Residues of factories and nuclear reactors.
  Means of conservation of the environment


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