Causes of weight gain after diet

There are many factors that cause the recovery of lost weight during the diet, and the most important of these factors:
Follow unreal diets that are difficult to sustain for a long time, with the goal of losing weight quickly.
The decrease in the body's need for calories when starting weight loss, less metabolism, and increases appetite stimulation;
In order to maintain fat stores in the body.
Lack of physical activity, because of spending too much time on television, and other devices.
Exercise is not enough. Performance of these exercises is one of the most important factors contributing to the prevention of weight loss,
The body's need for exercise varies depending on several factors, such as age, weight,
Fitness level, genetic factors, and body composition.
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The second topic
How to maintain my ideal weight -

The most important step that should be applied in order to maintain the ideal weight and not to gain more weight is self-absorption, especially during leisure time, and not spend watching TV or stretching on the couch and eat more food which will lead to the end of weight gain, and can be busy this time to exit With friends or family members, playing a favorite hobby, or even going out for a walk and enjoying the scenery.
Diversity and replenishment of diets
It is important to maintain a healthy eating regime to maintain the weight lost, but it is necessary to replenish and diversify the eating method so that the body does not feel bored and repulsive of repeated food types, and this can be applied by preparing food differently or adding new ingredients To it, or by searching the web for new healthy recipes and experimenting.
Do not neglect breakfast
Focus on eating during the early morning hours and neglecting it during the late hours of the night. The researchers of the National Registry of Weight Control tracked more than 3,000 cases that used different types of diets to maintain the ideal weight, and found that 90% of them focused on Breakfast is at least four days a week.
Increase exercise intensity
Exercising is necessary to maintain weight stability, with emphasis on increasing its difficulty and intensity over time, as well as changing the routine of exercise and changing these types, to prevent boredom or boredom from exercising, and can be achieved through the use of a special trainer or Use a new video recording exercise, or even by getting a type
New lessons of sport and movement.


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