Causes of weight gain after diet , How to maintain my ideal weight

Maintaining healthy weight is essential to body health. It helps reduce the risk of many diseases and health problems. Many factors can affect human weight, such as environmental factors, heredity, metabolism, human habits and behaviors. Overweight and obesity make a person more susceptible to serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, gallstones, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, and some cancers, so it is important to maintain healthy weight to avoid these health problems.

Tips to maintain weight
Many people have difficulty maintaining the weight lost after dieting; they may return to gain weight again. To avoid this, it is advisable to gradually make lifestyle adjustments after the diet ends. This helps to identify habits and exercises that The following changes are usually used to restore weight, and there are many steps that contribute to the maintenance of weight, including the following:
Breakfast: It is recommended to adhere to breakfast daily to contribute to the maintenance of weight, and usually have people who eat breakfast, other healthy habits, such as exercise, and eating more fiber and various nutrients, and information indicates that this behavior is common In the people who managed to maintain their weight, but the results of studies were different; it did not show that not eating this meal leads to overweight or bad eating habits, and sometimes can help breakfast to lose weight, that is,Revenge can vary from one person to another.


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