By following the rules, avoid the unpleasant consequences. Appropriate care

You will understand the causes of pain at the top of the foot. Three causes of foot pain:

Wrong shoes. The main mistake when choosing shoes - fitting on two feet comfortable. It is best to buy shoes during the day, when the legs are tired, and the feet are puffy. Do not buy shoes with solid soles. For flat feet, preferably orthopedic insole.
infection. If you are infected, you should consult your doctor immediately. Perhaps a minor injury, has serious consequences.
Diseases and diseases. Diseases that cause pain in the foot: flat feet, arthritis, arthritis, varicose veins, tumor.
After determining the cause of the pain, proceed to elimination or treatment.

Treatment of foot disease
If you suffer from pain, consult your doctor and go to procedures and tests. After understanding the cause of the pain, he will describe a treatment. Need to know how to cure the disease.

When the bruise, torsion, fracture, torsion or rupture of the ligaments, the leg should be installed elastic bandage or plaster, then go through the necessary procedures.

In early periods, the causes and consequences of the disease are not shown without a medical examination. In later periods, symptoms are mixed, it is difficult to diagnose the disease. When you experience a life-threatening lifestyle you should go periodically to visit your doctor.

The legs are subject to stress, the causes of disease are reduced and disease is reduced by implementing the rules of prevention:


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